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This year the United States will have two different "State of the Unions". One State of the Union address will be given from the ivory tower that is Washington D.C. That State of the Union will be filled with grandios generalizations and political double talk that will attempt to make a run down Hyundai Sonata look like a brand new shiny Cadillac. That State of the Union will be made by a lame duck President who pulls the wool over the eyes of the American people with smooth talk and political double speak, which is all a ruse to hide his real agenda which is slowly destroying our nation.

Then there will a second State of the Union. That State of the Union is what's actually going on in America. That State of the Union will not be sugarcoated by a team of White House communications experts. This State of the Union is based on facts not fiction.

President Barack Obama has said that the upcoming State of the Union Address looks to "mobilize the country" around a "national mission" to give everyone "fair shot at success." What that means to working people is that President Obama wants to extend unemployment benefits so that people can spend more than 2 years out of work while collecting a government check. President Obama and his Washington D.C. buddies are proposing

President Obama has used friendly phrases such "economic inequality" and "fair share", which by the way nobody knows what exactly a fair share is. With elections of liberal radicals such as New York City's Mayor Bill De Blasio, President Obama feels that he has the wind at his back to fully implement his radical liberal agenda.

Please visit this website again to get up to date State of the Union coverage and get the real information as to what's going on with the State of the Union in the United States of America.

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